access control

Card Access Control System

Whether you have a small apartment building or a large high-rise with hundreds of suites, the Condoplex access control system offers so many more features that simple lock & keys cannot provide.

Condoplex access control system not only manages and controls access to doors, parking gates, and elevator cabs, it integrates with Condoplex’s visitor entry system, in-suite alarm systems, and panic intercom stations to give owners and operators of multi-residential buildings a complete security solution in a single system platform.

Multiple Building Capability; Single Database for access, visitor entry, suite alarms, & intercoms

  • 25,000 Card Holders
  • Multiple Access Levels Per Card Holder
  • Multiple Credentials per Card Holder
  • 30 Optional Data Fields per Card Holder
  • 512 Time Schedules
  • Holiday Schedules
  • 512 Access Levels
  • Automatically Lock/Unlock Doors on a Schedule
  • Automatically Lock/Unlock Elevator Floors on a Schedule
  • First Person In
  • Multiple Card Present Functions
  • Audit of all system events and alarms



Intercom Controller (CPLX-C)

  • Networked (TCP/IP) or Stand Alone
  • Intelligent on board 32 BIT Pentium Class Processor
  • Expandability is simple and cost-effective
  • Fanless Operation to work in harsh environments
  • Graceful shutdown in the event of a power failure
  • Embedded LINUX O/S for high uptime and reliability
  • Supports Remote Diagnostics & System Upgrades

The Condoplex Controller can be configured to manage up to 120 intercom stations in a single building. The Controller has 4 ports which are used to connect up to 4 to the Condoplex Riser Boards (CRB6).

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CRB6 Riser Board
Condoplex Riser Board (CRB6)
The Condoplex Riser Board is designed to distribute and isolate the data signals to and from the intercom stations. The Condoplex Riser Board (CRB6) has 6 ports in which can connect up to 120 suite alarm panels in a RS485 bus. It also connects to one of the 4 ports on the Condoplex Controller (CPLX-C) via RS485 wiring.
Wiegand Interface Module
Wiegand Interface Module
The Wiegand Interface Module (WIM) is used to control the access control devices at the door and connects to the Condoplex Riser Board (CRB6) via RS485 wiring.

16 Relay Card (RLC-16)

The Relay Card is predominantly used for controlling elevator floor call buttons. The Relay Card connects to the Condoplex Access Controller on one of the 4 ports.

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DCR-6 (Transmitter / Receiver)

  • Wiegand, RS485, and/or Stand Alone
  • Customized OEM or 26BIT Formats
  • Environmental Control/Detection
  • Variable Read Range 10-300FT
  • Internal Memory for Stand Alone Mode
  • Certified 433MHz Frequency

The Condoplex transmitter/receiver system is the market’s most comprehensive, flexible, yet, affordable solution to offering emergency assistance and access control for residents in one convenient keychain pendant.

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Farpointe Data DK1-3
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Mifare Fob
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Farpointe Data DC1-1
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MiFare Clamshell Card
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Farpointe Data Pyramid P300
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Mullion Mount 125 kHz Proximity Card Reader
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Farpointe Data Pyramid P500
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Single Gang 125 kHz Proximity Card Reader
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Farpointe Data Pyramid P640
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Single Gang Combination Keypad/ 125 kHz Proximity Card Reader
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Farpointe Data Delta 3
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Mullion Mount Smart Card Reader
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Farpoint Data Delta 5
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Single Gang Smart Card Reader
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Farpointe Data Delta 6.4
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Single Gang Combination Keypad / Mifare Proximity Card Reader
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Farpoint Data PSC-1
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Standard Clamshell Proximity Card
125 kHz Proximity
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Farpointe Data PSK-3
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125 kHz Proximity Fob
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