Amenities Package

Our Amenities software is part of a fully integrated solution. Although many packages in the marketplace offer visitor control or reservations, they do not integrate into the security system, hence they capture a lot of information but fail to offer final control or accountability.

Benefits over Competition

  1. On-Site Data and Software

    Permitting functional operations even when the internet is down.

  2. Real-Time Security

    Our packages process live transactions with permanent (Access Cards) and temporary access (2D Bar Codes).

  3. Significant Cost Savings

    Pricing for Amenities software in the marketplace vary but none cover updates and bug fixes to the security software and hardware. Ours does, to the latest version of software your hardware can support.


Visitor Management

Control of Visitor Access / Parking with email coordination & 2D Barcode Integration

Parcel Management

Send Notifications to residents when parcels arrive.

Booking and Reservations

Co-ordinates with the access control system to register an exclusive use or shared amenity. Restrictions such as time of use, number of uses and number of users per facility are maintained. Email notifications confirm and remind both visitors and tenants of the reservation.


Permits configuration of the system by on-site staff

Guard Station

Permits alarms and calls to be handled by on-site staff

Concierge Station

A software dedicated to processing calls from Entry Phones, Intercoms, Suite Panels and Phone lines. Concierge may open doors and release elevators. The Concierge screens do not display alarm, scheduling or system status screens.

Mass Notification

Type Once and the system will contact all or some individuals on a site via multiple means based on user preference. System employs digital dialing for 8-20 simultaneous calls with optional confirmation.

Messaging System

An innovative approach to communicating with tenants. Messages may be of a broadcast, group or individual. Type once and dispatch to several mediums based on user preference. Messages may also be automatically generated by the system, i.e. (Door Held Open Alarm). All contact information is hidden from staff.


A scheduler of activates for staff may activated. The scheduler will dispatch instruction and work orders to staff right to messaging terminals.

Property Management Tenant Management

The Web Portal permits management or tenants to entry their contact information and Dial Plans to be used by the messaging system. The portal will also direct automated system alarms to tenants and permit tenants to view security events related to their suite and to send internal message to security staff. Commercial tenants may also customize their dial plans and in addition enter logos, Web-links and detailed maps.