Cloud Services

Cloud services permit your facility to offer valuable features that will set it apart from other properties. We have invented services to:

  • Dramatically reduce the capital and operational costs to your facilities
  • Generate revenue to offset your equipment purchase
  • Enhance the safety & convenience of tenants and visitors
  • Progams to ensure your entry phone is functioning properly

Remote Concierge / Security Staffing

Reduce on-site staffing requirements or deploy a virtual presence where current services are not feasible. Traditionally security services had to be purchased in stepped costs. This is to say, the addition of a guard shift or the addition of a guard to an existing shift. This one person would have to provide a multitude of skills: concierge, security officer, medic, etc. We have developed the means to provide guarding or concierge services on a fee per service, fractional or blanket coverage. This enables you to introduce services on an incremental basis for periods where you:

  • Require overflow services to accommodate a function.
  • Your guard is required to leave the terminal to attend an emergency or roam.
  • You wish to augment your guarding services for a fixed duration, say 4:00 pm to 10:00 every weekday.
  • Your existing facility has too few residents to afford full time guarding service but would like a ‘presence’ in the building during certain hours of the day.

We believe our system is the only product capable of control so complete that a visitor, tenant or criminal will not be able to discern whether the operator is located on or off-site. Specialized operators will be contacted during a call and should a physical presence be required at your site a guard, concierge, police, fire or medical dispatch will be provided. Service is available if a monitoring/dispatch centre is operational in your area.

Phone Services

(Modern Calling Plans to match the lifestyle of your tenants)
Dramatically reduce or eliminate telephone line installation charges. Our communications are fully digital, hence no phone lines are required to be installed or line charges paid for communications. Our built-in PBX also offers an enormous number of dial plans that are either not possible with traditional phone lines or require you to incur costs to provide. We guarantee that you will save substantially on line charges (for equivalent service) and never experience a BUSY.

Phone Service for the Deaf

By law you must provide equivalent communications for the hearing impaired (Deaf), should a request be made. This compliancy is directed under ADA (American Disabilities Act) and applies to both residential and commercial facilities. The act states a TTY/D modem must be present for communications to a teletype terminal used by the Deaf. To implement this rather arcane technology is expensive from a hardware and administrative viewpoint. We have created a virtual modem that may be called upon when required and have equipped the ELP1040’s with a built-in TTY/D terminal emulator. All that is required for a tenant or administrator to use this service is to log into their web portal and click “activate”. We have further advanced these services by allowing communications to take place over the deaf person’s favourite messenger service, should they prefer to communicate on a computer or Smartphone. To enable quick conversations, we have supplemented text to speech services with our exclusive Speed-typeTM technology which contains pre-formatted communications.

GreenMile™ Advertising

Advertising is targeted to the daily traffic and is positioned to offer value to the consumer throughout the day. Ads are interactive and can offer electronic coupons and maps to encourage consumers to purchase local goods and services.


Know what your audience is viewing and for how long. Information is collected from CPLX servers, Directories and Smartphones, delivered instantly to the marketing departments of advertisers.

Lobby Services

Services, such as Local Transit, Taxi Service, Weather, Event Notification and instant access to Security and Customer Service offer convenience and safety to be appreciated by visitors and tenants alike. Event Notification can include the arrival of outside contractors to the site, Door Held Open alarms, AC failure. Customer service may be a custom designed webpage provided from property management or building developer with two-way video.

Detailed Call Reporting

Review Call Pattern information. Know when and the number of calls placed to a suite.

Messenger Service

Voice and Text Messages may be dispatched in various formats to tenants, visitors and
contractors based upon presentation of their access card or 2D Barcode.

Voice/Text Inbox

Allows a visitor to record or type a voice message in the event the tenant cannot immediately attend to the call. Process via Phone, Email. Twitter or Facebook.


Directory / Entry Phone systems must operate 7×24. Systems such as NetMonitor™ have been designed to monitor and provide notification of an impending or actual failure. NetBackup ensures site data can be restored over the net, while program services automatically provide updates and bug fixes.


NetMonitor ensures your systems are operating with-in specification and are connected to the internet. Variables such as temperature, memory utilization, VOIP connectivity, CPU usage, Camera operability, AC up or Battery life remaining and required replacement are captured. Email may be dispatched upon out of spec operation to various parties such as Condoplex, technicians, security or property management.

NetBackup/Restore Services

Internet Backup and Automated Restoration ensures that your system’s configuration and data is automatically backed-up to the Cloud on a daily basis. A restoration process permits this data to be retrieved by request or in some cases by automated procedure. Condoplex Servers may be equipped with a USB key which will reboot the machine upon a hard drive failure detection, download the latest backup from the Internet and dispatch emails. The USB will keep the server running until the hard drive can be replaced.

Remote Upgrades and Bug Fixes

An automated process is capable of determining what level of software upgrade to apply to your system. Bug fixes not yet applied to your system will be automatically transferred.