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Upgrades and Remote Services

Upgrading your Condoplex System is the easiest and lowest cost method to retrofitting your existing Onsite Suite, Access, Elevator, Garage, Control, Intercom, Panic and Tele-Entry stations. And Now, the same applies to Offsite Remote Monitoring…

All new Condoplex installations are Remote Ready. You will not have to incur any expenses to replace existing field devices or experience disruption to your facility to access the savings, features and higher levels of service that remote concierge and guard services can offer. CALL (289) 299-5233) or visit the website of our Remote Services Partner, 3Views to arrange for a remote services security specialist to visit and show you how you can effectively deploy these services to maximize cost savings.

Upgrade Benefits

There are many benefits to upgrading your Condoplex System.

Please download the power point presentation on this webpage to understand the economic
and administrative benefits of upgrading your existing Condoplex System.


Your devices work right out of the box

Your new system will work will all of your existing field devices: suite panels, doors, intercoms, panic stations, garage receivers, etc. ELP520 and most ELP1040 Tele-Entry units may be fully integrated with your new head end.


  • Saving you the cost of replacing of these devices.
  • Saving you the long term cost of supporting multiple systems by multiple dealers.
  • Saving you the cost of purchasing 2 PC desktop systems, headends and software licenses.


Use Your Existing Credentials

Your new system will work with all of your existing credentials – keyfobs, access cards and transmitters. Your upgrade includes the data transfer of credential codes into the new system.

  • Saving you the cost of purchasing new credentials.
  • Saving you the cost of re-enrolling all of your credentials.




Your devices work right out of the box

Your new system will work will all of your existing field devices: suite panels, doors, intercoms, panic stations, garage receivers, etc. ELP520 and most ELP1040 Tele-Entry units may be fully integrated with your new head end.

Saving you the Cost of:

  • replacing of these devices.
  • supporting multiple systems by multiple dealers
  • purchasing 2 PC desktop systems,headends and software licenses

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New Features

Linux Operating System
☑ Very Stable and less virus proneCentralized Web Enabled Security Server, located away from the guard’s desk
☑ No Client Software or Customer Data on Workstations
☑ Instant replacement of down PC or temporary substation with a laptop
☑ Elimination of charges to re-load and configure new software

VoIP SIP based communications platform
☑ System supports multiple Guard Station, Intercom, Suite (Audio) and Tele-Entry Calls
☑ Innovative Calling features: Speed Dial, DialCast, Escalation, Scheduling, Conference, etc.
☑ Existing ½ Duplex intercoms become full duplex and IP at their controllers
☑ Calls may be routed to anyone, anywhere on or off site,
☑ Calls may escalated i.e. to roaming guards for door release
☑ Calls unanswered by one guard, may be escalated to other guards
☑ Support for radio and cellular phones, voice and text messaging

Sophisticated Report Generation
☑ Run Adobe Acrobat from any web-enable machine on/offsite
☑ Create Custom Report Templates
☑ Schedule Reports with automated email distribution

IP Based Controllers
☑ Each controller operates independently of the Sever
☑ Controllers support VoIP
☑ All controllers come with built-in UPS with graceful shutdownTele-Kiosk/Entry Phone Integration
☑ One Database entry updates multiple Tele-Kiosks
☑ Guard may view video and open a call to any Tele-Kiosk
☑ 2D Barcode Paperless access for visitor vehicular and lobby access
☑ Call scheduling and routing to on and off site security

Power Bus
☑ Condoplex systems operate from multiple IP based UPS units
☑ Battery test, AC UP, Battery Power ON , System Shutdown
☑ Remote configurable and power adjustable
☑ + 12Volt Constant Output on Riser with Battery power
☑ Shutdown Protection for Battery

Please contact your Condoplex sales representative for a complete list of system improvements, benefits and numerous features added for guards, concierge staff and property managers.

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  1. Q. What exactly does a Condoplex upgrade involve?
    A. In most cases, the upgrade entails the replacement of the Head End. This means your DOS computer, controllers and analog communication system will be replaced. In most cases the computer at the front desk will also be replaced, along with UPS (power back-up technology).
  2. Q. I’ve heard a lot about how remote services can save up to 50% of my current guard/concierge budget. If I upgrade with Condoplex, will I have access to these services?
    A. Yes. Condoplex, through its remote service partner, 3Views, can provide complete remote monitoring services to your facility. In fact, we are the only system on the market today that can make such a claim. Intercom, Panic, Tele-Kiosk, Access/Elevator, Garage and Suites can all be remote responded and provide instant, two-way communications to the operator at the remote station.
  3. Q. I have multiple buildings at my site with Condoplex DOS systems running. Can integrate all of these buildings under one system?
    A. Yes. The new Condoplex platform includes a web enabled security server that will allow multiple guard and administrative stations. All of your field devices and credentials can be administered by one system.
  4. Q. I understand there are savings in keeping all of my devices on one platform. However, a dealer approached me saying I could save a lot of money replacing just the access control, over the cost of upgrading the Condoplex system. Is this good advice?
    A. No. In most cases just replacing the access control will be lower in cost than purchasing a Condoplex upgrade. However, if your site has other Condoplex systems, i.e., Suite panels, Intercoms, Panic Stations, etc. You will eventually have to upgrade. This means, you will have to purchase the exact upgrades that would have been required + the access control system you just purchased. NOTE: In some cases the Fobs, reader and transmitters will have to also be replaced, adding a significant cost to the “low cost” access control system purchased.
  5. Q. A dealer approached me, saying that if I replaced just the access control, it would not effect the integration or convenience of the existing Condoplex system. Is this true?
    A. No. Replacing just the access control, will mean that your staff will now have to make duplicate database entries, learn how to operate two systems and your maintenance budget will now increase as you will have to pay for two software licenses, pay two dealers to provide service, and install two front desk computers. In addition, your site will no longer have a complete auditlog. Intercom, Tele-Entry and Panic events that were integrated with the access control will now be separated. Guards will lose their ability to release doors or elevators during intercom calls, having to end the call and look-up these doors for release.