The ELP1040 entry system is the world’s most advanced visitor entry system. It features a large touch screen display that is capable of displaying up to 25,000 names.

The system user interface allows visitors to quickly and conveniently announce their arrival with a minimum of effort. The interface is as simple as navigating a contact list on a smart phone or tablet. The visitor uses simple swipe and click gestures to find and call a resident in a matter of seconds. A digital keyboard permits easy search and entry of calling codes. The 19” Display provides excellent readability under all lighting conditions. Voice Prompts provide further assistance.

All system components are flush-mounted for the ultimate in sleek styling and vandal resistance. The system can be mounted on the wall or into a variety of pedestals.

Additional Features:

Linux Operating System ensures that the system is reliable, stable and always ready for use.

Internet Connectivity allows for easy system software updates, remote service capabilities, system health monitoring, and remote system backup.

VOIP Communications uses the internet to place voice calls to residents rather than expensive and the limited capabilities of standard telephone service.

DialCast allows the system to call multiple phone numbers from a single visitor call ensuring that residents can answer a visitor call from their land or their mobile phone.

New Patented ADA compliance feature makes use of the system extremely convenient for the hearing impaired.

Call Escalation enables the system to automatically call additional telephone numbers should the telephone number called not be answered.

The Advanced Messaging system permits information to be display for general broadcast, residents only or to a particular resident upon presentation of their access card.

The visitor management tools allow regular guests to use a QR code or a PIN for quick and easy building access.

The Wiegand output allows the system to be integrated with any number of access control systems for visitor elevator floor and superior lobby door control.

Security Audit feature stores a record of the visitor calls placed and answered. The audit records include the time and date, and what suite was called – it even records a photo snapshot of the visitor who placed the call.

The System Health Audit keeps track of power, internet connectivity & bandwidth, voice quality, and a host of other important details concerning the health of the system.

Fascia Dimensions
Recessed Mount
Back Box Dimensions

Surface Mount
Back Box Dimensions

Shipping Weight
Input Voltage
Mounting Requirement
Material Finish

Relay Output

User Calling Operation
Audio Output
Voice Communication

Directory Listings
Ordering Information

16 3/8” (W) x 29 3/16” (H) x 5” (D)
41.59 cm (W) x 74.13 cm (H) x 12.7 (D) cm

15 7/16” (W) x 25 3/16” (H) x 4 11/16” (D)
39.21 cm (W) x 63.97 (H) x 11.90 (D)

16 1/2” (W) x 29 3/8” (H) x 4 29/32” (D)
39.21 cm (W) x 63.97 (H) x 11.90 (D)

30 lbs (12kg)
12VDC or 120VAC @ 3A UPS
1040 Trim Ring (Painted or Stainless) for recess mount
High Grade 316 Stainless Steel // Vandal Proof Housing100mb

Ethernet (Linux); VOIP; RS485 to Slave Devices
2 x 3A for MagLocks, Door Strikes or External Camera Lock

10.4” TFT Color Touch Screen
12 Digit Keypad
Adjustable – 2.0 watts
HandsFree Mode to Suite Panel ; Telephone System;
Guard Station and Guard Phone
ELP1040VTS Indoor Recessed
ELP1040VTO Outdoor Recessed
ELP1040IPA, ELP1040IPS Indoor Pedestal
ELP1040OPA, ELP1040OPS Outdoor Pedestal
Internal Card Reader; Wheel Chair Paddle