The SP2600 series is a line of entry level suite security panels that provide more features than most of our competitor’s advanced panels. 8 LED Status lights communicate zone and operational information to the resident. All SP2600’s are capable of controlling multiple doors with Door Bell and Chiming features. Dedicated keys for PANIC and EMERGENCY are included to summon immediate help to the resident. The open face design ensures easy access to buttons and removes the clutter of door covers.


Privacy Mode:
Permits the Resident to deny access into their suite from the elevator.

Party Mode:
Allows visitors to enter “en mass” into the suite without requiring the resident or guard to grant individual access.

Will signal a resident/patient to check-in within a given time period. If the resident does not “check-in” an alarm will sound at the guard station or remote monitoring centre.

Suite Occupancy:
Provides an automated method of check-in by determining if there is motion within the suite over a duration of time. If no movement is detected an alarm will sound at the guard station or remote monitoring centre*

Building Access:
Users may also receive calls on the suite panel, in addition to or in the absence of a telephone then grant access into the building and control elevators via a Condoplex Entry Phone unit.

Audio Settings:
Adjustable intercom and beep volume control. Separate front/back doorbells with unique tones and control label chimes

Environmental Security
Heat and Humidity sensors may be Monitored with alarm set points (requires optional external receiver).


Shipping Weight
Operating Temp.
Power Requirement

Mounting Requirement
Communication Format

Zone Type

Loop Response
Loop Resistance


12 cm (W) x 16.5 cm (H) x 1.5 cm (D)
4.7 in (W) x 6.5 in (H) x 0.6 in (D)
200 g (7.1 oz)
0ºc to 50ºc / 32ºF to 132ºF
12 VDC @ 35mA, reverse protected, 2 wire min. 18 AWG
2 – 3 gang electrical box
RS485, 2-wire twisted direct connection
Audio, Multi Tone, 700-1000mW speaker, 75dB when siren on
Open Collector, Entry/Exit, Interior, Perimeter, Panic, Fire, Emergency
Programmable Zones, 100 msec to 1.5 sec
Programmable 4 State loop, NC loop and No loop

8 status LED’s