Aesthetically designed slim-lined panel with tactile response silicone keypad

Advanced on-board microprocessor

Programmability at master and service levels

Two-wire data and audio connection, and BNC video connection

4 supervised hard wire zones (expandable to 8)

Open or closed programmable zone contacts

Zones can have one or two resistor supervision

Instant Mode by-passes interior zones

Memory stores alarm and zone status

Nine traceable User Codes plus Duress Code

Adjustable intercom and beep volume control

Separate front/back door bells with unique tones and controllable chimes


Shipping Weight
Operating Temp.
Power Requirement

Mounting Requirement
Communication Format

Loop Response
Loop Resistance



19.69 cm (W) x 21.27 cm (H) x 6.35 cm (D)
7.75 in (W) x 8.38 in (H) x 2.5 in (D)
1.2 Kg (2 lb 10 oz)
0°C to 50°C (-32°F to 132°F)
12 VDC @ 35 mA, reverse protected, 2-wire min. 18 AGW
2700BB (Back Box), 4 tamper-proof screws
RS485, 2-wire twisted direct to CPLX-4
Audio and multi-tone, 700 mW speaker, 75 dB when siren ON
Programmable, 100 msec to 1.5 sec
Programmable 4 state loop, NC / NO loop [4 state normal, alarm, open or trouble]

BNC connector, 75 ohms impedance, NTSC, RG59 cable. Available in 4″ CRT B/W or 4″ TFT Color
8 status LED’s